Saturday, June 13, 2015


We are all caterpillars, and Jesus was a butterfly. He tried to teach us how to fly,  but the people of his time weren’t ready, including his disciples.

So, caterpillars wrote the New Testament. They copied down the Butterfly’s words, which are helpful, but much of the New Testament contains the words of caterpillars (like Paul, and the church leaders who selected which writings would be included and which would be burned) who turned His wise words into a belief system—one that keeps us on the ground and under control. The caterpillars teach that heaven is a place where you go someday if you are “good” and if you believe the right things. 

They created a religion of fear. The Butterfly taught that the Kingdom of Heaven is among us, within us, at hand. Wings (freedom and heaven) are not something you get some day when you die. They are available now, but first, you have to stop thinking like a caterpillar.

Note: If you are a Christian, I am not saying to stop being one. I am saying--challenge your beliefs. Read what Jesus actually said. When you read your Bible, ask for guidance for what the words mean to you--rather than accepting what all the caterpillars have said.

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