Friday, November 30, 2012


We have each created identities within our minds and have tricked ourselves into believing that's who we are. If one of your identities is "I'm not good enough" as in I'm not good enough to be loved, to be attracted to, to be competent at my work, to be accepted by certain other people -- then that identity is triggered whenever the appropriate stimulus shows up. For example, if you see an attractive person, but you have identified with "I'm not good enough", then your brain and body will respond with fearful emotion. You will automatically think and behave in ways to prove to this person and yourself that you aren't good enough for her/him.

Our combined created identities make up the ego, the false self. You transcend these identities by allowing yourself to feel them without judgment or repression, then turning them over to your Higher Self/Spirit/God/Inner Being for correction. The problem is not in your ability or inability to be attractive. It is in your own illusions of unattractiveness. You have used your power to make yourself powerless. Now use it to reclaim who you really are.
William Frank Diedrich, author of The Road Home and Adults at Work: How Individuals and Organizations Can Grow Up.  Found at

Friday, November 2, 2012

Making the shift

Life's challenges have weighed heavily of late. I recognize that my circumstances are of my own making. They always are. Also I recognized that the gaps we see in life between ourselves and others, between ourselves and good health, between ourselves and financial well-being, between ourselves and joy -- are really manifestations of the gap we create between ourselves and God (Spirit, True Self, Higher Self, etc)

Our "troubles" serve a dual purpose. The purpose driven by ego is to keep us in fear and perpetuate the drama as a single, separated self defined by our own problems and issues. The purpose driven by Spirit is to see the opportunity to close the gap between ourselves and God (Higher Self).

As I lay in bed last night, I came to a place in my mind where nothing was more important to me than closing that gap. I wanted connection with my Source, my True Self (God) more than anything. As I  contemplated and prayed for this connection I began to feel pure joy, seemingly bubbling up from within me. I lay in bed ecstatic, happy, content, and confident that life is working out just fine.

I looked again at my so-called challenges and all I could think was "Thank you" Thank you for this instant where I have forgotten my "needs" and I have seen the big picture  -- that everything happening in my life makes sense -- that it is helping me in letting go of my personal will and accepting a Higher Will.

Now it is the next day, and as my ego resumes its chatter, I find myself immensely dissatisfied with "the same old stuff." I want what i felt last night. It's not that I desire to walk around in bliss all day -- what I want is that confidence, that surety, that total lack of fear and presence of love that I experienced for several minutes last night. Writing this helps to bring it back. If you have read this far -- I hope this helps you.  Blessings, William Frank Diedrich