Friday, August 2, 2013

Better sorry than safe

When you make a commitment to move past your perceived limitations (spiritually, psychologically, socially, physically, creatively, or personally) you will produce one of three outcomes:
1. Your life appears to get worse (fall on your face, end relationships, etc.)
2. Things appear to stay the same.
3. Your life appears to get better.

Whichever happens for you, take it as a sign of progress. You have stepped out. You have exercised courage.

But watch for this: Any of these three outcomes will tempt you to hold back.
• If things get worse, you may throw up your hands and give up.
• If things stay the same, you may say that nothing is working.
• If things get better, you'll get comfortable and see no reason to go further.

Whichever your immediate outcome, continue further anyway. To be truly alive you must grow, stretch past perceived limits, and reach for the joy of being who you are. Whatever you decide to do, pour love into it--pour your whole self into it.

"Better sorry than safe."  (Halestorm)

William Frank Diedrich

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Growth

Some of my best growth comes when I am uncomfortable.

William Frank Diedrich