Friday, August 2, 2013

Better sorry than safe

When you make a commitment to move past your perceived limitations (spiritually, psychologically, socially, physically, creatively, or personally) you will produce one of three outcomes:
1. Your life appears to get worse (fall on your face, end relationships, etc.)
2. Things appear to stay the same.
3. Your life appears to get better.

Whichever happens for you, take it as a sign of progress. You have stepped out. You have exercised courage.

But watch for this: Any of these three outcomes will tempt you to hold back.
• If things get worse, you may throw up your hands and give up.
• If things stay the same, you may say that nothing is working.
• If things get better, you'll get comfortable and see no reason to go further.

Whichever your immediate outcome, continue further anyway. To be truly alive you must grow, stretch past perceived limits, and reach for the joy of being who you are. Whatever you decide to do, pour love into it--pour your whole self into it.

"Better sorry than safe."  (Halestorm)

William Frank Diedrich

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Best Growth

Some of my best growth comes when I am uncomfortable.

William Frank Diedrich

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Not good enough

"I'm not good enough." Nearly everyone of us carries this negative  identity that may be activated by specific situations. When it's activated you feel scared, or embarrassed, or defensive, or anxious, or small. For some, this identity kicks in when they have to do public speaking. For others, it happens when attempting to form a romantic relationship. It doesn't matter who in the past encouraged you to feel this way.

This negative identity was created by you, probably when you were very young. It's not your fault, or anyone else's. It is simply what humans do. Most people carry this identity throughout life, often avoiding what they want because they are afraid, or embarrassed. Others continually sabotage themselves because "they aren't good enough'.

There is a payoff, of course. If you aren't good enough, then you don't have to step up and be wonderful, or beautiful, or intelligent, or proficient, or lovable. It keeps you safe within your self-imposed limitations..

Or, you could face it. You could allow yourself to feel it. It's uncomfortable, but feeling it without judgment and without identifying with it will allow the emotional charge to flow out of you. You could become uninterested in maintaining it. You could matter of fact-like give it over to your Spirit. You could decide to be someone else, because "I am good."(or beautiful, or competent, or talented, etc.)  is also an identity within you. You could allow yourself to feel that, knowing that is who you are. Cultivate that!
William Frank Diedrich

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who's in charge?

Who will be in charge today? Ego or Higher Self? It is a battle only one side is fighting. (against itself) The casualty? My peace of mind.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Judge or Discern?

Judgment: The act of condemning or  criticizing someone from a position of assumed moral superiority.

Discernment: Distinguishing between. Perceiving.

Blaming comes from judgment. It leads to pain and suffering. Judgment is cruel. You have felt this cruelty when you have been judged by others.

Discernment is necessary. We discern between people and experiences to determine what we want and don't want. We discern between wisdom and foolishness when people speak or write their opinions. Wisdom and foolishness have little or nothing to do with whether or not the person agrees with you. 

Rather than battle with someone who disagrees with you, ask them how they came to their conclusions. Listen without judgment. Discern whether there is any truth in what they say.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Counting Miracles

I'm counting miracles.
Miracle: A shift in perception.  An unexpected gift.  Moments of extraordinary beauty.

Today I counted at least eight.

Miracles inspire gratitude.

How many miracles did you notice today?

William Frank Diedrich, author of
Adults at Work.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Net Worth

Your net worth:  The value you add to others during your time on the planet.

You add value to others by seeing the best in them; giving something that helps them; teaching; creating art, music, writing and experiences that are meaningful to others; by loving them; by forgiving them; by listening/being present; by praying about them; by growing and sharing your talents and gifts.

Sacrificing is not giving. Real giving involves no sacrifice. You give because you want to. Sacrifice leads to resentment and the expectation that someone owes you something back.

When you truly give of yourself you expand your net worth. You receive the value you give.

William Frank Diedrich, Author of
Adults at Work

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Big Challenges

Life has big challenges for me lately.

Ego says:  Why me? This shouldn't be happening. I deserve better. It's not my fault!

Soul says:  "Oh Lord, chisel down my life according to thy design." (from Yogananda)

Conclusion: Intend to be happy regardless of appearances. Be present. (mindfulness)
Stay connected spiritually. Give up moods! Know that something wonderful is happening today! (Advice adapted from Elisabeth Fayt. Thanks Elisabeth!)

Today is a good day! (Me)

William Frank Diedrich, author of
The Road Home: The Journey Beyond the Spiritual Quick Fix,
 and Adults at Work.