Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I will never find fault with spirituality. Spirituality has to do with a person’s 
relationship with a Higher Power, whether you define that power as a Divine Being, 
Higher Self, the Universe, Life, or Creative Intelligence. Spirituality is about seeking and knowing. Spirituality is not about belief. It is about feeling, and knowing, trusting, and seeking to unify with something greater than our respective personalities. Spiritually, everyone is on their own path, and each path has validity for the person who walks it. 

Religion is based on beliefs. Beliefs are not facts, and most, if not all  beliefs are not true. They are just beliefs
Beliefs are places of refuge where we cling during times when we aren’t seeking and growing. Beliefs are about having the answers, but spirituality is about questions. 
Beliefs create separation, and believers see their own system as superior. It isn’t.  Beliefs cause conflict. People tend to impose their beliefs on others. Strong religious beliefs are a hindrance to spiritual growth. How can you receive inspiration or knowledge if you think you already know everything via your beliefs? If your cup is already full, nothing new can be added. 

Who are you? What are you? What do you want? Beliefs provide easy answers to these questions, but they are someone else’s answers—not yours. What if you asked these questions and contemplated, or meditated, or prayed about them. That is, leave a blank and see what gets filled in.  What new thoughts might you receive? What insights? Inspiration? Ask, and you will receive. An empty cup yearns to be filled.

William Frank Diedrich
Author of Human Adulthood: A Spiritual Romance

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